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Dr. Jessi Sujin Lee,PT,DPT

Owner of Joyful Movement Therapy

Warrior One

Dr. Lee has a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine. She studied Sport Exercise in college and has been a health and fitness specialist since 2001.

She began her career as a personal trainer in 2001, and developed her interests in pain mechanism and therapeutic exercises. She decided to come to U.S to deepen her understanding on why people experience pain and how to alleviate the symptoms. From her physical therapy doctoral program, she has learned how posture and habitual movement patterns affected pain and injuries to the body.

She continued to horn her skills and knowledge  as a movement expert through Pilates training.  With Fletcher Pilates and Balanced Body Pilates teacher training, she was able to bridge a gap between rehabilitation and higher level of performance and activity.


Dr. Lee continued to expand her skills and knowledge through extensive continuing education including Functional Range Conditioning certification course, Controlled Articular Rotation certification course and Stick Mobility course for improving functional mobility.


In addition, she has taken pelvic health courses through Herman & Wallace, including pre & post-natal care, nutrition for pelvic health,  athletes with pelvic pain and dysfunctions, biofeedback for pelvic muscle dysfunction as well as Diastasis Recti Abdomini.


She enjoys helping clients to improve their fitness level and  to return to their desired activities. Dr. Lee incorporates her extensive orthopedic and pelvic health knowledge into Pilates and therapeutic movements, and has developed specialized RESTORATIVE PILATES PROGRAMS to empower people to achieve their best lives and redefine their limits. She believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself if we nurture with healthy movement and good nutrition. 


Lastly, Dr. Lee enjoys weight lifting, HIIT training, eating delicious food  and movie nights with her two kids in her free time.

Emily Horvath

Pilates Instructor & Movement Specialist

IMG_0651 - Copy(2)_edited.jpg

Emily holds a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with emphasis in Clinical Exercise Science /Physical Rehabilitation from California State University Fullerton. With a background in gymnastics and fitness, she has trained and taught group exercises classes (Aerobics, Spinning, Strength Conditioning, Yoga and Pilates) since 1996. 

While she has been trained through Balanced Body Pilates and BASI Pilates, Emily holds a comprehensive certification in Advances in Pilates Techniques, an internationally acclaimed professional teacher’s training program, through Long Beach Dance Conditioning and Academy of Movement since 2004. Before moving to Raleigh, NC, Emily was the owner of Body Reform Pilates Studio in Fullerton, CA.


Emily seeks to combine her background in sports and fitness with her Pilates knowledge and experience when teaching Pilates and exercise classes. Furthermore, Emily has worked in Physical Therapy setting for both rehab & post-surgical rehab clients and focuses on a body movement and breathing technique to improve muscle strengthen and flexibility in order to enhance functional mobility for sports and daily activities.


When not teaching, Emily together with her hubby Joe enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, gardening, watching classic family movies, and visiting with her four children and four grandchildren. 


Join her class to experience increase in ease of movement and functional stability!!


Tamara Bonney

Pilates and Barre Instructor

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Tamara is originally from Santiago, Chile, and moved to North Carolina in 2002. She discovered Pilates, took her first class in 2011, and fell in love with it instantly. She found that Pilates helped to improve her posture and the strength and flexibility of her body. After years of taking lessons and learning the benefits of the Pilates methods and movements  Tamara began her journey into teaching, hoping to help others. She decided to go through the process to become an instructor. At Balanced Body, she completed her comprehensive training program. Tamara quickly realized that Pilates was the perfect training to connect mind, body, tone, strength, and stretch. 
Her intentions have always been to help others become healthy and strong and experience the joy of working out. She strongly believes that this versatile practice can transform anybody’s life and body. 
She will bring her positive energy and enthusiasm to each class. 
Tamara was certified as a barre instructor by Carolina Barre and Core in 2021.

Challenge the body and mind with new and creative movements!


Anytime, Anywhere

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