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Can Scar Tissue Cause Pain and Limit Mobility?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

How does Scar Tissues appear?

After surgeries or C-section

Affects of Scars Tissues:

Scar tissue autonomic nervous system can cause major disturbances to homeostasis which in turn leads to impacts on joint mobility, muscle strength, and length. Scars can also cause typical pain referral patterns and organ pain.

Treating Scar Tissue after surgeries or C-section

Scar tissue needling has remarkable, favorable benefits. Needling scars will effectively flatten them, whether elevated or depressed, and make scare tissue become more mobile.

How Scar tissue needling impacts tissues

Tendon fibers that are healthy and strong run parallel to each other, like dry spaghetti in a box. Scar tissue, on the other hand, has collagen strands arranged like cooked spaghetti in a bowl. Not a strong or movable collagen orientation. Reorienting them to parallel makes them stronger, more mobile, less painful, better-looking, and more functional. Scar tissue needling in combination with scar tissue manual therapy has amazing outcomes.

How Scar tissue needling impacts the body

Scar tissue has incredible connections to various systems in our bodies, including our brains. Think about the likely mechanism that takes place when placing a single needle into pathologic tissue, causing an intense emotional response. The limbic system is thought to be our emotional control center, and research has shown the positive effects of needling on various properties of the brain, including blood perfusion and spontaneous electrical activity. Needling that is performed by a skilled practitioner, has homeostatic effects in our brain, as well as in the rest of our body, which will lead to amazing positive results.

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